24:14 is serving Church Planting Movements, which, as a whole, are the fastest growing expressions of the Christian church on earth. Healthy models of disciples obeying the Word and multiplying other disciples are leading the way, far outpacing population growth in many places. Give now.


When the ten biggest Bible translators began to collaborate, they reduced the time to translate the Bible into every language from at least 150 years to just 23.

24:14 is doing the same with finishing the Great Commission. Your support helps us connect, train, and provide tools for over 2000 church-planting leaders and movements. This helps us multiply and maximize our efforts to reach every people, nation, tribe, and tongue with the Good News of Jesus Christ by 2025.

What else would have greater meaning?


Many people around the world are learning the joy of giving in community with Giving to Movements Together. Want to learn more about giving collaborations or to start your own? Click below to read our blog posts on giving collaborations or contact us.

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Are you giving on behalf of a foundation or are already part of a giving collaboration? Let us partner with you to connect you with worthy movements and projects.

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Movement Fundraisers

Some givers have formed communities of like-minded individuals that are directly considering project proposals from movements. 24:14 is not directly involved in funding individual movements or outreach projects, but can help donors connect to movements that have worthy projects. If you are interested in forming or joining a Giving to Movements Together community,

Contact us.