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The Power of Regional Teams

The Power of Regional Teams

– By Chris McBride –

If I didn’t learn the power of multiplication in school, I probably learned it from COVID-19.

The first half of 2020 has demonstrated a lesson that Church Planting Movements have been showing us for years: multiplication fills an area with a virus…or Kingdom disciples, in a way that addition never can! Networked communities multiply impact because they empower multiple leaders to obey Jesus personally.  When Spirit-led regional leaders who know their communities begin to model giving away leadership, viral impact soon follows.

24:14 is a collaborative community. We work together toward a common vision: Engaging every people group and every global place with multiplicative disciple-making and church planting. How can we best do that in a world of diverse peoples and cultures?

Past collaboration efforts have often failed because they implemented a “least common denominator” approach to collaboration. Many people pursued diverse agendas in their collaboration, and inclusivity around the broad vision meant that goals had to remain broad. Because the goals were often global and generalized, participants found it difficult to find ways they could meaningfully contribute to the larger goal.

24:14 Regional Teams attempt to learn from past experiences. By forming teams in regions with similar linguistic, cultural, security, and dominant religious backgrounds, teams have more factors in common than different. When a regional team is formed by leaders making disciples to start church planting movements, they have a clear path to success. The regional team can collaborate around filling the gaps in church multiplication, strategic planning, prayer, and resource sharing. Thus many others find encouragement and support to walk that path.

Regional teams allow one global vision to be multiplied into many regions. As these teams operate successfully, they encourage formation of collaborative communities at a country level, then a province level, then a district level. As relationships form and trust begins to build, energy begins to grow, the lost are reached and the gaps are filled.

Leadership teams for each region are formed relationally by movement leaders in each region.  Most regional leaders have shepherded large movements that have started new works in other areas and have walked with other global leaders for years.  The network of regional leaders has strong relationships and mutual trust, growing year by year.

Our 24:14 Community works together globally to support each other. Shared knowledge, shared tools, shared resources, and shared experiences help the network grow virally. The power of our community is distributed through our regions…and ultimately to you.

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