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24:14 is

Our community is motivated to fully obey Jesus and make him known. We are a collaborative community catalyzing, multiplying and supporting church planting movements. We work together to urgently engage every unreached people and place globally. Working together with urgent sacrifice, we focus on every people group and every place until the Great Commission is accomplished.

We look forward to your joining the community and taking part in the greatest story in history! 


The last thirty years have been unprecedented. Movements have changed how we are approaching the Great Commission. The hardest to reach areas of the planet are being touched by church planting movements, and the day is in sight when we can say that every unreached people and place has been engaged by a group of people trying to start multiplying church movements.

Watch the story of 24:14 in the words of the leaders who founded it or click below to read more about how the vision came to and why this community is so important.

who we are

We are a community of like-minded organizations, churches and believers who have made a commitment to a vision (to engage every unreached people and place with an effective kingdom movement strategy by December 31, 2025) based on our four primary principles: Movements, Every People and Place, Collaboration, and Urgency.

Our community has formed a “lean backbone” structure to aid us in collaborating together. This structure exists to serve the interests of the community and further the glory of God on the earth. However, 24:14 is the members in the community, not the structure.

Why Are You Called 24:14 ?

Matthew 24:14 is the cornerstone of this initiative. Jesus promised: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (ethne), and then the end will come.” Our focus is to participate in seeing the gospel go to every people group on earth. We long to be in the generation that finishes what Jesus began and other faithful workers before us have given their lives to. We know that Jesus waits to return until every people group has had an opportunity to respond to the gospel and become part of His bride.

24:14 is going to allow us to take a next big step in completing the Great Commission. It is the most granular attempt ever to start movements of disciples and churches in every people group in every place.
Curtis Sergeant



Church Planting Movement / Disciple Making Movement approaches have a unique ability to exceed population growth and engage unreached areas.



Jesus came to “seek and save the lost” and gave us the task to be “fishers of men.” We are dedicated to fully reach the UNREACHED peoples and places of the earth.



Churches, networks, denominations, agencies, and movements collaborate under the 24:14 banner recognizing that working together as a community is necessary to finishing the task.



We are working together towards an initial goal of engaging every global unreached people and place with a movement by 2025. To do that, we are asking “What must be done?” instead of “What can I do?”


24:14 has compiled a list of frequently asked questions
to help clarify key aspects of focus, mission, and beliefs.
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