Phased Equipping Communities

A Global Revolution in Missionary Training is Underway

Phased Equipping Communities (also known as CPM Training Hubs) are catalytic learning environments facilitated by experienced movement mentors. These mentors apprentice and coach participants to become movement catalysts, reaching the local community while preparing to engage the next place or group to whom God is calling them.

A Phased Approach to Learning

People learn best when they have plentiful chances to put learning into practice under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. We also find that people learn movement practices best when implementing them first in their home culture before going cross culturally.

phase 01


New movement catalysts are trained in a CPM approach in their home cultural context. This training is experiential; a basic multiplicative disciple-making training focused on the catalyst learning the basics of prayer, being a disciple, evangelism, discipleship, church formation and multiplication.

phase 02


In this second phase of training movement catalysts relocate to a field location that helps them adapt to a cross-cultural environment and contextualize CPM tools for use in an unreached area. These Phased Equipping Communities are found in a variety of contexts from those environments laboring to start a movement, to mature movement environments. In either case, the leaders of the phase have real movement experience.

phase 03


In phase 3 the catalyst moves to engage a new UPG environment. Moving from a Phase 2 environment to a UPG is often challenging because of the comfort, support, training, and development the Phase 2 offers. An emphasis is put on coaching the catalyst in their new phase 3 efforts.

phase 04


This phase envisions a maturing movement both providing learning environments for outside new movement catalysts and the raising up and sending of their own. We list this phase here because since 80% of global movements are being started by movements. Thus reaching the remaining unreached peoples and places will necessarily involve movements continuing to send out catalysts to new peoples and places.

More about Phased Equipping Communities

We keep an archive of different articles on Phased Equipping Communities (also known as CPM Training Hubs) in addition to some “starter kits” that you can use to build Phase 1 or Phase 2 Phased Equipping Communities. Take a deep dive into learning about them. Start a Phased Equipping Community in your movement or church. Reach out for more information on how you can get started.