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Why Give to Collaboration

Why Give to Collaboration

– By Chris McBride –

The world is changing, and the power of networks is coming into maturity. Social networks have shown us numerous examples of what happens when many get involved together in fulfilling a vision. 

24:14 provides a way for donors to give to a network within the body of Christ, working together to accomplish the Great Commission. We need more than simply saying: “Let’s work together.” Successful recent examples of collaboration show us some essential ingredients.

Clear Vision for Collaboration 

24:14’s Vision is for every people group in every global place to have a believing community focused on multiplying disciples in a Church Planting Movement. This level of clarity allows believers everywhere around the world to contribute to this powerful vision.

Clear Mechanisms for Collaboration 

Our 24:14 Community supports one another through sharing information, resources, training, coaching, learning and encouragement. Organizing and supporting collaborative regional and sub-regional teams enables action at local levels. We don’t aim to advance any organizational agenda or methodology. We promote the success of every organization, church, team, movement and network in our community.

Building Support Structure for Collaboration 

Best practices among collaboration efforts have yielded an important lesson: Collaboration requires hard work. Most churches, networks, agencies, and movements have a great deal on their agendas. Pioneering collaboration often takes dedicated work from a third party: an idea we call the “collaborative backbone.”

We don’t notice a person’s backbone when we first meet them, but we would notice if they didn’t have one! A backbone provides the support structure that enables the rest of the body to function together. A collaborative backbone functions by organizing the efforts that allow churches, networks, agencies, and movements to operate in unison toward a common goal. 

Defining the Goals of Collaboration 

24:14’s leadership team has tasked our backbone with the following objectives:

  • Expand commitment to prayer and fasting for movements of multiplying disciples.
  • Deepen development of a team of researchers and sharing of data that reliably identifies gaps down to the provincial level. 
  • Develop a Global Strategy Team from 32 regions, organized for documenting, evaluating, and celebrating action plans. 
  • Publish regular communications, including blog content, books, journal articles, and social media posts.
  • Support Phased Equipping Communities facilitated by experienced movement mentors. 
  • Facilitate more cross pollination among movement practitioners. 
  • Mobilize resources by advising a coalition of churches, foundations, and givers on Great Commission gap projects. For more information on these projects, contact us at [email protected].

We believe that collaboration around the Great Commission is one of the best investments a believer can make. As you consider where to invest your kingdom giving, please prayerfully consider supporting collaboration aimed at engaging every people and place with a Church Planting Movement.

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